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Monday, September 19, 2005

Mobsters and Mormons- a movie review

Here's a little secret- if you want to be able to get a really good seat in the theater, go to see a movie about Mormons, on Sunday afternoon! The BSU and I went yesterday and just 10 minutes before the show started we had the theater to ourselves. Nobody was in the room until we were and when the movie began there still was less than a dozen people watching.

There is a whole series of Mormon based movies that have been released of the past few years, Mobsters and Mormons was the only one we have seen. The most recent one that I wanted to see was Baptists at our Barbeque. I suppose these films are playing nationwide, but, since I'm not everywhere, I can't say for certain. Since these are written by Mormons for Mormons, you can very safely take the entire family without fear that anyone will be offended by language or nudity or violence.

Mobsters and Mormons is the story of one gangster, Carmine "Beans" Pasquale and his family entering the Witness Protection Program and being transported from New Jersey to Provo Utah- Happy Valley. They of course are set up in a white bread suburban neighborhood and immediately set upon by the very friendly Mormon neighbors from all sides.

It’s a funny movie. Some of the hijinks are rather predictable and you know there's going to be a happy ending, which it does. But it also shows the Utah Mormon culture for some of its foibles and idiosyncracies. We laughed, the other 10 people in the theater laughed and then we had dinner at Village Inn. Just the two of us, I don't know where the other folks had dinner.

Sadly, I did not get any popcorn yesterday with my movie, which I consider a requirement. In the first place there were only two people working the concession stand and in the second place, their cash registers and debit card machines were dead so they were making change by hand and recording their sales by hand in a spiral notebook! This of course cauesed a long line to form and there was no notification of the problems until I waited my turn in the line almost to the very front. Since all I had was my debit card, there was no popcorn for me yesterday. Rats!

Finally, I noticed that the header at the top of the Baptists at Our Barbeque website misspelled Baptists!

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